Nothing could be more heartbreaking than losing a puppy because the mother has squashed it, if the box helps save just one puppy it’s worth having.

Protect your pups in this clean sturdy whelping box, designed with the breeder in mind. The box is made from fiberglass so it is durable and with care should last a lifetime.

The dam can easily enter and exit the box before the pups are getting around by using the door, the sides are tall enough to prevent pups from getting out once they can walk.

It has a smooth easy to clean surface, there are no seams. It can be pressure washed, mopped or wiped down.

The box is easy to assemble and can be packed away flat for future litters.

Comes in 5 sizes for all breeds, 4×4, 4×3, 3×3, 3×2, and 2×2

These are not made from corrugated plastic, they are custom made from fiberglass meant to last a lifetime.

You can find great designs of whelping boxes at this Pinterest page.